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Idroesse Infrastructure is an engineering and architectural company located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Idroesse was established in Italy in the 1927 and it is specialized in civil and industrial drains, purification plants and in the transportation field: significantly in motorways and railways, but also in urban planning, environmental engineering, architectural and interior design.

The UAE office was established in 2007 in Abu Dhabi, then an Oman branch was established in 2008 in Muscat. Thanks to its Italian origin and the cooperation with other italian engineering companies, Idroesse combines international know-how with local experience that guarantees the provision of high – quality services that meet or exceed the Client expectation.

Idroesse has a past performance of over 11.000 projects performed in over 36 countries. It operated in GCC Countries, especially UAE and Oman, and other foreign markets: Italy, Eastern Europe, Russia, India, Africa, etc.

It has an extensive network in both the public and private sectors and guarantees a high technical capacity and efficiency organizing the various professional skills in various specialties.

  • In the process of ideation, it adopts solutions that are technically and economically realizable and reliable, and which fully embrace technological innovation and evolution.
  • In the design process, it researches proposed solutions that offer reliability, efficacy, minimal realization and management costs, safety and environmentally compatible.
  • In the production process, Idroesse guarantees conformity with legislation and standards, completion of documentation, both technical and administrative.

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