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Project Details

Location: Quriyat, Oman

Coordinates: Latitude 23.268218°, Longitude 58.909714°

Done by: Idroesse Infrastrutture

Chronology: 2006 – Closed

Client: Common Committee for Quriyat Region Renovation

Cost of the Works: 975 Million AED

  • Scope of Works:
    • Roads Rehabilitation, Geotechnics, Structuring (several new bridges and culverts), Preliminary and Construction Design, Tender Evaluation, Works Supervision
    • The project pertains the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, protection works and river/channel improvements in the Region of Quriyat, Oman, severely damaged by Cyclone Gonu.
  • Hayl Al Ghaf Area:
    • Rehabilitation of Hayl Al Ghaf road, including a new bridge across the Wadi Al Misfah (L=240m), new road embankments on both sides of Wadi al Misfah (Quriyat and Hayl Al Ghaf) and ancillary works
    • Protection of Hayl Al Ghaf road wadi crossing (bridge abutments, piers, and road embankments) including river bed excavation (L=2’530m) and diking (total length L=1’600m)
    • Flood protection of the Quriyat National Road, including a new riverbed profile (L=6’300m), restoration of existing river banks, and diking with related works (rip-rap revetments, gabions, and retaining walls, total length L=6’635m).
    • Flood protection for the village of Hayl Al Ghaf (settled on the Wadi al Dayqah edge), consisting of a massive wadi side diking and the related riverbed excavation. Among the minor works planned, the project includes a new town’s water supply system.
  • Quryiat Area:
    • In the western area of Quryiat, a “canalization” of the wadi Al Majlass (L=6’500m) and a diking protection system (L=8’000) have been foreseen (L=610m), to avoid its wandering.
    • Road works, such as the Irish crossing, are designed as a completion of Wadi Al Majalass improvement and Irish crossing rehabilitation.
  • Ramlah-Daghmar Area:
    • Along the Ramlah-Daghmar road, a new multi-span viaduct (L=180m) has been designed on Wadi Al Misfah, and two new multi-span viaducts on Wadi Dayqah (L=210m and L=90m). The hydraulic intervention consists of a channel improvement/excavation and a couple of long dikes (L=7’800m) to limit river widening, even for important flow rates.
  • Dibab-Fins Road:
    • On the long coastal road between Dibab and Fins, several small to medium-sized wadi have overtopped the road, so existing crossings have been renovated, providing new Irish crossings (no.8) or culverts (no. 77) as far as to perform diking protection systems and road rehabilitation.