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Project Details

Location: Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Project Type: Engineering Consultancy Services for the Extension of By-Pass Road from Falaj-Almualla-Umm Al Quwain Intersection to Emirates Road

Done by: Idroesse Infrastrutture, UAE

Awarded Date: 2009

Client: Ministry of Public Works, UAE

Coordinates: Latitude 25.471399°, Longitude 55.703795°

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  • Scope of Works:
  • Roads, interchanges, underpasses, and overpasses full design includes: Pre-design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Final Construction Design and Documents, Tender Evaluation and contract documents
  • Design and tendering of a section of Dubai bypass road to include one big interchange, a number of overpasses, and underpasses along the road.
  • Idroesse is required to carry out the Engineering Consultancy services for the extension of by-pass road from Falaj-Almualla-Umm Al Quwain intersection to Emirates road (Umm Al Quwain) for a period of (90) days and able to be extended for six additional months.
  • Services to include submittal of preliminary plans, layout plans, services plans, geotechnical investigations, road marking and signage plans, cross sections, storm water drainage, general standard details, structure and tunnel design, diversions, tender documents, and final design.
  • Description of the Works as Idroesse listed in the tender it prepared for contractors:
  • The project comprises of the construction of a dual carriageway road as an extension of the existing BY-Pass Road from Falaj Al Mualla-Umm Al Quwain Road to Emirates Road with three lanes in each direction and the provision of a fourth lane in the future. The proposed road is approximately 13 km long including the construction of a full cloverleaf interchange at the intersection of Falaj Al Mualla-Umm Al Quwain Road, a directional ramp to cater for the traffic coming from Ras al Khaima to the Bypass Road, and an intermediate underpass. (To be completed in 540 days)
  • The existing road passes through sand dunes terrain.

  • The works also include:
  • Relocation of Existing Services.
  • Road marking and signs.
  • Street lighting.
  • Safety barriers and fencing.
  • Slope protection.