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Opening of the Sarpi new railway bridge

January 10, 2010 0 Comments news-events

The viability of the new flyover Sarpi-Dalmatia will be complete by May; built in record time as an alternative to the arrival car of the tram to Arcella.

The necessary action to allow, through two roundabouts already partially implemented, to use of the new flyover without switching off Hannibal from Bassano, thus becoming a way of neighborhood and not an artery crossing the city. A revolution then. The umpteenth for the viability of the Arcella. But this time it’s the final one, which will enable the Sarpi-Dalmatia reachability to buy and operate at full capacity.

To date it is about 8 thousand fewer vehicles registered in Borgomagno: the new bridge has carried off a good 20% of traffic from the route of the tram. But there is still too little on the overpass to the station, reduced to one lane in each direction, during peak hours will remain in queue for several minutes.

Idroesse Infrastructure has followed the preliminary design, final, enforceable, and security coordination in the planning stage.