Project Management Consultancy

Dubai and Northern Emirates

done by
Idroesse Infrastrutture, UAE

awarded date

Ministry of Public Works, UAE

scope of Work
idroesse infrastructure has been appointed as a Project management Consultant / Representative to establish guidelines and strategy for Project Management Organization to follow up and monitor the MPW’s Dubai and Northern Emirates projects properly, such as pre-project services, post contract services and project management services.

The Project Manager shall perform all duties for the following stages:

Maintenance – including the following services:

• Establish guidelines and strategy for assets-management of the completed MPW Projects.
• Choose Project Maintenance software to be used in evaluation of the Projects status and condition.
• Organize site survey and data entry into the software
• Organize evaluation of the completed projects.

Services required from urban planning expert:

• Establish rules and criteria for prioritizing project implementation
• Conduct feasibility studies for projects to be included in the plan
• Formulate a strategy for the activities of the Planning Department at the Ministry with defined organization and functions as well as work mechanism so as to enable the Department to undertake its functions with respect to planning roads and buildings project and asset management properly
• Establish criteria and functions and formulate terms of reference for the organizations or persons from whom the planning department may seek consultancy services in the relevant fields
• Determine the necessary criteria and mechanism needed for building the data base and collection of information
• Select suitable software for the department function