Fujairah Freeway

Dubai-Fujairah Freeway project management consultancy

Fujairah, UAE

done by
Idroesse Infrastrutture, UAE

awarded date
April, 2009

Ministry of Public Works, UAE

latitude 25.124543°
longitude 56.278254°

scope of Work
Idroesse infrastructure has been appointed as a Project management Consultant for Dubai – Fujairah Freeway project to provide the Engineering consultancy services such as pre-project services, post contract services and project management services.

The Dubai – Fujairah Freeway project consists of the construction of a new east / west 3 lanes freeway linking Fujairah with the Northern Emirates and Abu Dhabi with a total length of 45.4 KM. Contract 1 commences near by the town of Meleha and intersects with Sharjah –Kalba Road and up to the Town of Sfini. Contract No. 2 commences to the east of Sifini claimbs and passes a major mountainous terrain and passes to the South of the village Al Farfar to its termination at Nijaimat in the Western outskirts of Fujairah.

The works consists of the construction of 3 lanes dual carriage way with 2.5/1.2 m shoulders along with pipe and box culverts, 4 underpasses, 5 utility bridges and ancillary work such as reinforced soil walls, concrete barrier, boundary fencing and road marking and signs.

Download the project card (file .pdf – 175 KB)