Al Noaimyah Drainage, Ajman

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

done by
Idroesse Infrastrutture, UAE

awarded date
February, 2010

Ministry of Public Works
Scope of Work: Existing residential Area (approximately 280 ha) in Ajman comprising of villas and apartment buildings along the Sharjah Ajman border is experiencing flooding problems due to non existence of a storm drainage system.
The roads in the project area range from good to poor conditions which are adding to the drainage issues.
The project site also contains low lying areas which are prone to storm water ponding and have no outlet available.
The main roads surrounding the project are also higher as compared to the project which acts as a barrier for the storm water.

Pipeline length: 54 km
Manholes: 750 Nos
Pump Station: 2 Nos. Submersible Drainage Pump Stations
Outfall: 4 km length up to sea.
Schedule: Tender Issue in Aug 2010
A storm drainage collection, conveyance and disposal are required for the residential community. Two storm drainage pump stations with pressure main pipes will be required to convey the storm water up to the sea. Outfalls will also be constructed at the quay wall. The concept study is in progress and the client will be presented the most economical solution to solve the drainage problems.

Download the project card (file .pdf – 110 KB)