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  • Certificate of Achievement

    This certificate is awarded to IDROESSE Infrastructure For Supervising GHANTOOT Transport & Gen. Cont. in achieving 5 Million Man-Hours Without LTI on The Development of South Shamkha Infrastructure Project in Septemper 2012.

  • Press Review 2010

    Al Etihad newpaper 24th October 2010 Al Etihad newpaper 10th October 2010 ENR – Engineering News Record July 2010 Projects press review General press review Gulf News 1st August 2010 Gulf News 13th July 2010

  • Cyclone Phet hits Oman

    Cyclone Phet is the second-strongest tropical cyclone on record to develop within the Arabian Sea. Phet’s winds and heavy rains reached Oman’s east coast on the 3rd of June 2010. Cyclone Phet, powered up from a Category 3 to a category 4 cyclon (in a scale of 5), produced heavy rainfall and extremely dangerous waves […]

  • Idroesse Infrastrutture SpA ranked No.160

    The financial woes of the past two years has hit the global construction market. The U.S. market remains in recession, and the worrisome debt burdens of several European countries and the weakness of the Euro have left many large international design firms struggling. However, not all is doom and gloom as many regions around the […]

  • The new town of Shankha South

    Shamkha South, the new town in the heart of UAE, is every day more concrete The new town of Shankha South Shamkha South, the new town in the heart of UAE, is every day more concrete. The works, designed and supervised by Idroesse infrastrutture, are progressing smoothly. The Enabling phase has been finalized and many […]

  • Roberto Piccoli, CEO of Idroesse is the new OICE Veneto representative

    Monday, February 15 the general meeting unanimously elected Ing. Roberto Piccoli, CEO of Idroesse, as OICE Regional Representative Mr Piccoli expressed his gratitude for his colleagues’ trust and set out a program that aims for: promoting the centrality of the project, enhancing tenders development, introducing the local engineering companies to the international market, and involving […]